28 Perfect Gifts for Physical Therapists

28 Perfect Gifts for Physical Therapists

’Tis far better to give than to receive, but finding the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list can be a major challenge. Sure, online shopping can help simplify the whole gift-hunting process, but one Google search can also send you tumbling through pages upon pages of possible purchases. Before you know it, the Internet has stolen another hour—or more—of your life, your peppermint latte caffeine buzz is starting to wear off, and your virtual shopping cart is still empty. So, for all you gifters out there who are looking for a thoughtful way to say “happy holidays” to your favorite physical therapist, we’ve taken care of the tumbling for you and put together a list of our favorite finds, organized by category. (We’ve even included a few perfect gifts for physical therapy students.) Cheers!

Baubles and Bling

Know a PT who can’t get enough sparkle and shine? Then one of these elegant therapy-themed accessories might just be the golden—or silver or pearl or rhinestone—ticket. (You might even decide to go for more than one—what did Coco Chanel know, anyway?)

  1. This colorful button necklace serves as a literal token of appreciation with a personal touch.
  2. Shopping for a new grad? This handmade silver-plated DPT necklace will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come.
  3. Charm jewelry is making a comeback in the fashion world, and understandably so: it provides the perfect combo of wearability and sentimentality. Check out this necklace and this bangle bracelet.
  4. Lots of PTs have to wear the same name badge every day, but that doesn’t mean they can’t dress it up a bit. Here’s a fun retractable badge holder reel, you PT ninja, you.

Flair You Can Wear

PTs help people get back to doing the things they love; and this sweet therapy swag will help therapists show how much they love doing what they do.

  1. This T-shirt from 3E Love is a perennial favorite—and for good reason. Click here to check out the inspirational story behind the brand.
  2. Shopping for a PT with a funny bone? We give this shirt from Zazzle two enthusiastic thumbs up. This foam-roller tee is pretty cool—and comical—as well. And you can never go wrong with a classic ninja tee. We’re also digging this chucklesome tee that’s sure to prevent any awkward misunderstandings.
  3. PTs have to do a lot of wranglin’ in the clinic, but if you know a therapist who also enjoys a day at the rodeo, give him or her something that’ll look great with blue jeans and cowboy boots (no bull-riding required).
  4. Physical therapists have a special affinity for musculoskeletal diagrams—and with this shirt, they won’t even have to reach for that Netter’s Anatomy Atlas.
  5. Ah, neckties—a classic holiday gift for dads everywhere. And if the dad on your gift list happens to be a PT, he might enjoy this tie in particular—or maybe this one or this one.
  6. Keep your favorite PT warm this holiday season with a stylish physical therapy fleece. You can customize everything from the color to the text and logo here.

The Art of Therapy

There’s nothing like a well-placed print or poster to make a clinic feel warm and inviting. Throw a frame around one of these awesome pieces of art, and you’ll have a gift that your PT—and everyone else in the office—can enjoy for many patient visits to come.

  1. Vintage prints make great conversation pieces, and this image from Etsy is no exception.
  2. Make your favorite PT the star of his or her own comic with a personalized cartoon drawing.
  3. And what PT wouldn’t want his or her very own street sign, which—of course—would be for the aptly named Physical Therapist Dr.? Now, every patient will know where to find the very best therapist in all the land.
  4. Speaking of funnies, check out this punny holiday card. It’s not exactly an artistic masterpiece, but we’d say it’s framable—or at least refrigerator-magnetable.
  5. This chalkboard art puts a fresh spin on an old classroom staple. Like what you see? Additional pieces from this series are available here and here (but hurry, there’s—still—only one left of each).
  6. Feeling sculptural? Send a customizable kiln-fired clay figurine of a PT treating a patient—it’ll look great on a desk, in the front office, or even in a dorm room. Or, you could opt for a more abstract copper version here.
  7. While not PT-specific per se, this motivational quote is always a good one—and it could be exactly what a patient needs to see to continue on with his or her treatment. Bonus: It will likely garner some laughs from fans of the TV show, The Office.

Fun and Functional

Whoever said practical gifts were faux pax obviously never got a Roomba—or any of the super useful items listed below—as a holiday gift.

  1. This travel mug is the perfect present for PTs who enjoy a nice, hot cup o’ java almost as much they enjoy prescribing calf-raises.
  2. Speaking of morning coffee—here’s a cup for a PT with a good sense of humor, and here’s one for a therapist who always sees the glass (or mug) half-full.
  3. With WebPT, there’s no need to haul around any paperwork, but this tote would be great for the gym—or, for the PT who’s lucky enough to get a little R&R, for the pool or the beach!
  4. Whether you’re in the pro- or anti-decorative pillow camp, you can’t deny that this little bundle of fluff would be a great PT clinic waiting room addition.
  5. This PT-themed iPhone case could help your favorite PT keep his or her phone safe—and promote PT to the world. You can also choose this one or this one, which is personalized.
  6. Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Send your favorite PT a book of physical therapy planner stickers he or she can give to patients to help them remember upcoming appointments. (This, of course, would be in addition to the automatic appointment reminders they’re already using.)
  7. This PT-themed stainless steel water bottle will ensure any PT stays healthy and hydrated. According to the description, it’s been “approved by lunch ladies and Mother Nature.” What more could a thirsty PT or PT student ask for?
  8. If your favorite physical therapist loves to read, consider gifting a book or two on a topic you already know will be a hit: PT.
  9. No one wants water stains, right? Give your PT friend a set of anatomy-themed coasters to protect his or her fancy furniture.
  10. This one is more decorative than functional, but it certainly is fun: here’s a physical therapist cake topper sure to delight any new-grad PT. 

Words of Appreciation

Sometimes, the very best gifts are the ones written from the heart.

  1. There’s a lot to be said for a well-written thank-you card; so, if you’d rather put your appreciation in writing this year, consider penning a PT-themed greeting card (or this one).

There you have it: our list of the top gifts for PTs in 2019. Now that you’ve got so many fantastic options, all that’s left to do is pour yourself some eggnog and pull out your credit card (not necessarily in that order). Got a gift suggestion that isn’t included here? Leave a comment below and share it with the world.

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